My Path To Sobriety...

I didn't relate to AA or label myself an alcoholic, but my drinking was making me feel completely miserable.

Gillian Cockburn

IPHM Registered Therapist & Accredited Holistic Sobriety Coach

Certified Facilitator of The Passion Test & Mastery of Self-Love

& Passionately Sober since May 6th 2020 :)

I didn't relate to AA or label myself an alcoholic, but my drinking was making me feel completely miserable.

As someone who has walked the path to sobriety, I understand - 100%.

I understand the feeling of being disconnected from your true potential,

knowing that if you could only get to grips with this issue,

life would be so much better.

I've found the freedom that only comes when

alcohol no longer controls your life and I want you to find it too.

This is your opportunity to find true freedom from the alcohol trap.

In my mid 40's I started to question my drinking?

Am I drinking too much?

Am I an alcoholic?

How different would my life be without booze?

Just thinking about not drinking terrified me.

I felt ashamed – there must be something wrong with me.

Fear of Judgment – what will my family, friends and colleagues think?

I believed life would be boring – alcohol always makes every occasion more fun... right?

I thought I would have to struggle and fight each day to stay 'dry'.

The truth changed everything.

The stigma associated with NOT drinking alcohol can be debilitating for many of us.

The fear of being labelled a 'problem drinker' kept me stuck for years.

Then I found a different path to break free from the alcohol trap, that removed the shame I felt and de-bunked many of my limiting beliefs around my drinking and my relationship with alcohol.


  • I got crystal clear in my mind 'Why' I wanted to stop drinking and deliberately set an intention for my journey to health and wellness.

  • I went back to basics and created a Success Plan - Focusing on Nutrition, Exercise & Quality Sleep.

  • I hired a coach to help me remove the limiting belief systems I had around my ability to stop drinking, let go of the shame and fear that was weighing me down and had self-sabotaged my previous attempts.

  • I changed my AM & PM routines and added simple 'Healthy Motivation Habits' that in time became embodied into my daily lifestyle.

  • I opened my mind to the concept of Self-Love, and discovered that self-love and sobriety go hand in hand.

  • I did a deep dive into what I really wanted to do with my life and found a new direction filled with purpose and passion.

Gillian Cockburn,

IPHM Registered Therapist

Accredited Sobriety Coach

I finally stopped drinking for good, May 6th 2020, and I can honestly say it’s THE best decision I’ve ever made.

My only regret is I didn't do this sooner.