Not every client I work with is struggling with alcohol, but they are struggling with something that I help them to resolve.

These are just a few examples of the transformations clients (just like you) have experienced by working with me.

I am forever grateful to each of these women for sharing their experience and as always, names are kept confidential.

After years of failing to rid myself of alcohol and the misery it was causing,

I realised that I needed help to succeed.  

Gillian has done the journey herself and knew how to support me from Day One, to now going on 4 months.  Giving up alcohol is a source of great joy, but it can be hard to give up self-defeating mindsets and create a vision for the “new you”.  Gillian’s coaching really helped me to turn my back on old habits, and look forward to the future.

S. Channel Islands

Hi Gillian, I just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you.

Our sessions clearly gave me what I needed and I felt sure you would be pleased to know I am now on day 18. I am off on holiday tomorrow with no intention of drinking...

I wanted you to know the impact you have made.

E. England

I deeply value the time that I spend with Gillian who is helping me gain some clarity and direction with my creativity and my desires for my future.

I love her techniques for narrowing-in on what is most important to me right now.

Gillian is kind, understanding, inquisitive, encouraging and makes me feel at ease when talking about areas of my life that are uncomfortable to look at and talk about. 

I truly enjoy working with Gillian and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some clarity and guidance in their personal lives.

K. Mexico

Start your own transformation today!

I worked with Gillian at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Her coaching style was calm and warm but really incisive and she helped me to move through a few blocks!  Although I was already comfortable in my sobriety, it was as really important to me to work with a coach who understood and had travelled the sober journey.  Gillian is an excellent sober coach and brings this element seamlessly to her practice.  She kept me accountable for my progress  between sessions and I would definitely recommend working with her.

She’s a gem. 

L. England

I was feeling stuck, anxious, unsure of how I could move forward in my life.

I was feeling the stresses and results of not making myself a priority for a considerable time if at all. Today I feel self-empowered, I have clarity, I have greater understanding of who I am. I no longer feel overwhelmed having conquered emotions and thoughts that have impacted my life greatly. I have found my voice in my personal life. I'm self-empowered in varied situations that I found difficult before.

By making myself a priority my life and those I love is much better.

C. Scotland

I was drowning in negative beliefs and lack of self-confidence.

I had little self-worth, and felt as though I had lost my true identity. I did things to please other people and was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I was frustrated, unhappy and it was having a huge impact on my mental health and family life.I am so grateful I invested in myself because I now have the tools and knowledge to start changing my story.

I now understand what is really important to me and I have the courage to say no to things that don’t spark passion or bring value to my life.

J. England

I've known Gillian for several years, but recently sought out here services as a life coach.

Life can get messy and I needed someone to help sort through the noise, confusion, and the overwhelm. Gillian is an absolute delight. Our weekly sessions have has a huge impact on my life, my well-being She has definitely settled into her purpose, offering up calm, keen insight and perspective. She holds me accountable not accepting BS or excuses, yet she is compassionate.

I am grateful. Well worth every penny.

S. Canada